Newt the Brute!

Newt’s weigh in at his vet appointment today.

useful content Drumroll please …

solicitud de citas en linea sura Little New New topped the scales at a whopping nine pounds, one ounce. (4.14 Kgs).  Everyone at the clinic was cheering! ::Screaming:: 9.1 POUNDS!!! OMG! Almost a year ago, he weighed a mere one pound (.45 Kg) at diagnosis.  We continue to be humbled and amazed by how far he’s come, and how much he’s grown.

try this web-site Cat Daddy, of course, is convinced it is because *he* has been the primary Newtritionist over the last three months while I’m on assignment working seven days a week. I concur.  Cat Daddy is a much better fixer of feline food, obviously. Yay, Newt! You’re officially a little big cat now!