Blizzard of 2010

  Day 1.5 of being trapped in the house during “Snowmaggedon.”

nurture Cat Daddy says that I go crazy in the snow.  Hmmm.  He may have a point. I do seem to enjoy staying outside in the still quiet,listening to the solitude of … nothing.   Nice change from the bustling noise of the DC suburbs.  Of course, grab the camera, grab the yardstick, go measure, make snowmen, have snowball fights with imaginary opponents, play with the dogs, let the Newt go exploring, I guess you can agree with his assessment that I get a little snow crazy::grin::

Got out this morning to let the dogs go potty..  took far less time and effort than in years prior, thanks to Cat Daddy’s engineering brilliance. He had the bright idea of using the empty recycling bin,trash can, and other plastic containers laid in a path to help keep the snow from accumulating.  Simply marvelous.  Move the crates, and a nice path was left, wide enough for a tall Collie to navigate, and minimal shoveling for the Doggy Latrine. Have I mentioned before how much I adore that man?

read So far, the snow is up to the dogs shoulders,and still coming down. The dogs weren’t too keen on hanging out andplaying with mommy in the snow, so I had the bright idea to let Newt gooutside.  It’s only been a year since his last (first!) snowadventure.  Let’s see if he’s learned his lesson about wanting to sneakout of the house. And NO, I did NOT throw him out in the snow!  I simply held open the door to see if he really wanted to sneak out.


pferd kennenlernen

As you can see by the pictures, he wasn’t too keen on the idea, and quite happily skated across the frozen porch back into the house as soon as I opened the door.  He is now nestled snuggly next to his arch-nemesis, Tinky One Fang., who hates him and regularly tries to kick his skinny little arse whenever he even thinks about getting within tenfeet of her.

single frauen schwarzwald Cat Daddy says obviously the blizzard is making us ALL a little snow crazy!

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