Hoarse from the (Effective) Singing

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Just a quick update. Another wonderful day in Newtopia.  The Great Spotted Newt continues to thrive under Cat Daddy’s expert care.  Me, too – even though the new gig is wearing me out – but Beloved is taking excellent care of the house, the Newt, The Dog, and moi.

Hurray for Cat Daddy!

Update for those of you who have been following Pingu’s journey.  Pingu’s mum sends her heartfelt gratitude to all of Newt’s friends who have raised their voices in a song of healing for Pingu.  He seems to be stabilizing.

But now, she humbly asks that if possible, you continue your joyous chorus for Pingu’s brother, Sharkey.  He, too, has taken a sudden down turn, and the family is quite worried. Sharkey is not a liver shunt kitty, but, from what I can tell from his updates, it sounds as if he is facing some sort of liver crisis at the moment, as well.

On Newt’s Group, for the last week or so of singing, several members have been using consecutive lines of popular songs as their status updates. It’s been interesting to see which songs are familiar to members in various parts of the world. So far, one of the most popular seems to be “Do Re Mi ” from the Sound of Music, the “Bingo Song,” and variations of “Old McDonald.”

As Pingu and Sharkey are quite British, I’m tempted to toss in a Beatles song – but have to admit, I’m more of a Rolling Stones kinda gal

So, if you are so inclined to continue your song of healing, love and Hope, join with me:

All you need is love

All you need is love

All you need is love, love

Love is all you need