Howdy, Pawdner

Just a quick hello. This pic made me giggle, and wanted to share.

Newt was nestled deep within the confines of his “penthouse” (the battered paper bag where he had moved his prized bag of dog fur that he has been slowly felting into a custom Newt-blanky). In an effort to reclaim floor space amidst the ever-increasing number of Newt’s Annex Boxes, we put the bag on top of his lair.  Voila, instant penthouse!

Like several other liver shunt kitties we know, Newt seems to often prefer to be burrowed into something – be it blanky, bag or box. Sometimes a combination of all three!

We can tell he’s in his penthouse from the tell-tale crinkle as he rustles around in it.  The other day,  after hearing the crinkle crinkle, I asked him if he was in his penthouse.

This was his answer.

Newt says hello

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