If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Things have been cruising along here in Newtopia. No major changes, no surprising new developments.

Until Thursday.

No, no, don’t panic. Newt is FINE. I, on the other hand, am a bit … unsettled.

I always used to pride myself on being an early adopter – eager for new technology, new experiences, new improvements.

And then I got old. And we got Newt.

I’d like to say it’s our steely determination to maintaining Newt’s protocols that has turned me cautious. Alas,  I’m pretty sure it’s just me turning into a hide-bound, crotchety old curmudgeon, thrown for six with any unplanned changes in my, or Newt’s, routines.

I’ll confess, I’ve been holding my breath since winter hit, as historically, some of Newt’s most challenging times seem to have occurred deep within winter’s icy grip. I dared to relax a bit, in that our winter so far has been pretty mild, and Newt has been doing so well. Everything has been going according to plan, in its comfortable, dull routine.

Until I called in the refill of his antibiotic and was shocked to find the local mom and pop shop is no longer a pharmacy.


Add into the shock the fact that they are – err, WERE – one of the few pharmacies in the area that can / will compound prescriptions.

A few years ago, Newt was switched from his previous Amoxicillin onto Neomycin, compounded in a chicken flavor. The pharmacist, Dr. Bob, was so kind and
patient and worked diligently to find a compound that Newt would
tolerate. (Tastes like chicken, my ass!)

And now, not only are the pharmacy staff involuntarily transferred, and/or looking for jobs, and an area  landmark hailed for its commitment to affordable prescription services is no longer offering its main service, patients like us are scrambling to find alternatives for the specialty compounding service that they provided. Normal patients had their prescriptions transferred to one of the big box pharmacy chains, and the helpline gave me the names of other compounding pharmacies in the area. They said it was all quite sudden, and everyone is still in a bit of shock.

So, I called the closest provider, and am not really a happy camper.  There seems to be some communication issues at play.  New pharmacy says of course they can compound, just have the vet call in the RX. Great! Initial questions are what flavor is needed; will I be picking it up;  my contact info, etc. I’m trying to find the silver lining here, and stress the fact the new pharmacy is so close, I can easily pick it up.

Next I’m told that they will be delivering it.  No, I don’t WANT delivery.  I said I was happy they were so close so I could PICK IT UP.

Next exchange is that of course they can MAIL it.

Mail it? What part of “I will pick it up” translates into “mail”?!

And then I get “No, it’s fine, they are happy to mail it to the post office box.”

This is a prescription that must be refrigerated – W. T. F. ?!?!

Final exchange had me growling and muttering very unladylike language when I hung up the phone. The discussion began Thursday morning, and by the last exchange, I was told they might have it ready after 4PM on Monday.

What!?!  Four working days to compound a chicken flavored antibiotic? This new relationship is not getting off to a very good start!

Luckily, he is not completely out of his Neomycin, and worst-case scenario, we could obtain a bit of Amoxy from the ER vet to tide him over. As it is, for Newt, we consider the antibiotic almost secondary to his Lactulose in terms of necessity. He can miss a few doses of his antibiotic with no major effects, but Lactulose is his “must have at all costs” medicine.

So. we shall see what happens tomorrow night. I am trying desperately to remain optimistic that 1) it will be ready on time, 2) the flavor they provide will be palatable to Pookie, and 3) there will be no months’-long adjustment period like we had the last time his meds got changed.

Wish us luck!

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