Marley has Stablized

opcje binarne jak to dzia_a'A=0 Thanks bunches for your happy healing vibes!  Marley in Australia has stabilized, and his parents are hopeful.

site gratuit pour hommes rencontre You guys rock!  Love the fact that geo-theo-political boundaries are proving boundary-less when it comes to pulling together in Love and Hope., and am so grateful that this tiny  parking space along the information superhighway, devoted to an obscure condition (in a  cat, no less!), has enriched our lives in such a splendid fashion.

dating english sterling silver On our end, am still on deadline; project was extended for another week, and it looks more definite that the next project will land immediately after this one is delivered.  Woohoo Chicken and Lactulose money for another two months!  Crossing my fingers and rubbing Newt’s belly.

her comment is here And speaking of Newt, am trying really, really hard to not go all neurotic mama cat – for the second time in a week.
Had an episode last week where the new pharmacy did not compound his Neomycin, and when I arrived for pick up on Saturday, was told we had to wait until Monday. 

look at more info Monday?!?!

single treffen elmshorn The good news is, that since it was not done in time, we had a chance to discuss the Rx with the compounding pharmacist, and opted to go for the tuna this time instead of the lemony chicken.  MUCH better. Crisis averted – until tonight.

gay site growler Opened the new bottle of Lactulose tonight for his dinner dose, and, oh, no, it’s the wrong kind!  Instead of the odorless, clear liquid we’ve been getting, it is the nasty green puke-smelling other kind that he won’t eat. Not only that, but he’s been a bit off his feed today.  Although, the little brat did jump onto the counter while I was processing the Cheap Chicken Friday chicken for freezing and started tearing hunks of it off. The chicken, that is, not the counter. 

So, for tonight, looks like it will be a tablespoon of chicken and goo, and if he refuses to eat that with his Lactulose on it, we’ll have to direct dose his meds.  Cat Daddy will be coming to the rescue (again!) and going back to the pharmacy tomorrow for the good stuff.

And so, time for the midnight snacks here at the zoo. Night, all!

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