Newt’s First Snow

In an effort to be good Cat Parents, and teach a very important object lesson (e.g., the dangers of trying to sneak out of  the house into the big, bad world!) we decided to allow Newt to “escape” outside in the heaviest snow fall of the season.

We were prepared, and waiting.  Camera – check, running shoes – check, traffic status – check (the snow plows had not yet come into our streets, so traffic had been non-existent).  Conditions were optimal to show Newt that he *really* did not want to go outside, now did he?

Cat Daddy was waiting outside the front door as I opened it to permit Newt to make a mad dash to freedom.

It was NOT what he was expecting! 

He stopped and stood confusedly on the porch, his little pink nose quivering with the onslaught of new smells. He tiptoed across the wet porch, eyes darting left and right, tail bushed up in excitement.  Slowly, he began to creep to the left, gingerly stepping onto the snowy path trodden down by the dogs.

YUCK. Cold little pink footie paws. This was NO fun!

Spying the freshly shoveled sidewalk to his right, he quickly turned around, and made a mad dash down the sidewalk and under the truck, with Cat Daddy and the camera crew in hot pursuit.

Uhm, great.  One thing we had NOT anticipated and checked off the list – crawling under the truck in eight inches of snow to retrieve him.  Oops.

No worries. He continued to dart in and out from under the truck, whiskers twitching and flicking snow off of his toes. 

Suddenly, he got brave, and tore off towards the back yard.  Finding it not to his liking, he took refuge under a giant bush, and was quickly rescued by Cat Daddy and brought back into the safety of the warm house. 

 He did NOT go near the door again for the rest of the day.

Lesson learned? One can only hope.