(Yet Another) New Blog – Names Needed!

Okay, okay, okay!  As if I’m not far enough behind on keeping you updated on Newt’s progress, updates to his website, acting as his personal secretary, etc,, I’ve added yet another “Thing To Do” on the ever-growing list.

After debating for months, I finally have set Newt up with another site, to showcase the handmade items that have helped to buy his chicken and Lactulose The plan is to provide tutorials to help rescue groups learn how to make simple, inexpensive items either for their own adoptables, or as items to sell at fundraisers. 

The site is Knitting for Newt, which is a bit of a misnomer, as it includes a variety of items, including sewn, knitted,crocheted, braided, and other projects, but I liked the way it sounded.  Plus,while knitting in public, people ask me what I’m doing, and the standard reply is “Knitting for Newt.”  This always led to interesting discussions on how I could be “knitting” without needles, and what in the world does a Newt need with Knitting?

So, once I figure out a name for the blog section of that site (right now, it’s simply called “blog” – how original!), I’ll post links, and upload the site. For now, if you want to be creative and help Name That Blog, that would be awesome, and I bet there will be a token of appreciation to the winner – probably in the form of a cat toy or two.

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