Newt’s Newest Careers, Continued

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After successfully defending The Dog from his unjust incarceration for excessive early morning barking, (what, he was just doing his WATCHDOG JOB!!!), the Magistrate (aka Cat Daddy) commented that  Newt should hang out his shingle for future
lawyering business endeavors.

Newt the Cat, Esquire,
Attorney at Claw

You like it? It made me snort coffee through my nose.  Cat Daddy is quite the comedic entertainer, as well as being an awesome musician and singer.

Speaking of which, I also think that Newt may be adding “Singer” to his resume. Another liver shunt cat parent mentioned today on Newt’s Support Group that in the Siamese cat tradition, they sometimes refer to sending prayers, healing vibes, etc, as “singing.” Apparently Siamese kitties can be *quite* vocal, unlike our quiet little spotted weasel cat.

So, I shall gently tweak Newt’s little iguana tail and make him “sing” for his friend Pingu, who is feeling poorly.

You may recall we’ve mentioned Pingu on here in the past.  Pingu is a sexy, senior shunt cat who has served as a beacon of Hope for young shunt cats around the globe, showing that shunt kitties can not only survive, but thrive. Under the careful love and attention of his owners, Pingu has beaten the odds many, many times.

Many of Newt’s Group members are sending their well wishes to Pingu today. Will you join Newt and me in “singing” to Pingu? 

I’ll get my accordion, and we can REALLY make a joyful noise!

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