Hopalong Cat Daddy

care of a liver shunt cat often feels like a full-time job. You’ve
heard me confess before that I get so wrapped up in trying to keep Newt
on an even keel and in good condition, that I tend to neglect my own
self-care. Fellow owners on Newt’s group have reported similar, but we
do periodically try to encourage each other to better self-care

And then there’s Cat Daddy. Am so proud of him. He’s really done a
fabulous job at being pro-active with health and exercise. He regularly
does his daily walks, (or, as we laughingly call them “trudges”), and
has been actively seeking other types of activities to continue his
momentum. He is serving as a very good example for me – most of the

A friend gave me an old, creaky bicycle last night, knowing that I was
looking for my own exercise alternatives. Had it fit me, it would have
entailed  a few simple repairs, and been a good starter bike. Alas, it
too tall for short-legged me, so I told her I’d donate it to the
charity shop for someone else to use.

Cat Daddy, however, had other plans. He decided
to take a spur of the moment ride up and down the surrounding hills.
Ambitiously riding a bike for the first time in ::cough:: decades. In
the dark.
On an ancient, too short bike, with half-filled, dry-rotted tires.

He did fine …. but, seems to be having difficulty walking this morning.

I am NOT laughing at him.


Cheese Toes

No, not the orange covered, poofy, snack food Cheetos, but real CHEESE – in the toes!

Newt really enjoys  variety of cheese as a regular addition to his diet to help with his liver shunt. But during his “very good day” yesterday, he took his cheese to new and unexpected places.

I shouldn’t laugh, BUT!

You know the theory that putting stuff on a cat’s paw will make them lick it off?  Yeah, right. We’re talking about MY weird little Pookie Bear here.
Splashed at the grocery on a jar of cheese dip with peppers in it. Was eating it right out of the jar (classy, huh?).
Annoyed that Mum was having a snack and not sharing, as she is SUPPOSED to do, Sir Chubbs bounced his spotted ass up onto the counter and walked right thru the lid, coated with gooey, creamy, peppery cheese.
Didn’t phase him a bit! He never even blinked, let alone attempt to clean his paw. He was nosing around, hunting for his suitable snack and glaring at me for DARING to eat something he did not want. (Yes, I offered him some, in between fits of giggles.)
Before I could grab him to clean his footy, he stomped across the stove, the other side of the counter, then reversed back across both sides of the counter, the stove and up onto the trash can, almost sliding off in the process, as his left hind paw was thoroughly coated in the aforementioned creamy cheesy goodness.
And let me tell you, his scrawny little lizard toes had GLOBS of cheese stuck between them!
In spite of his marked lack of cooperation, I managed to clean most of the cheese off his foot, and wiped away the cheese tracks marking the scene of the crime. For once, I did not attempt to obtain photographic evidence of his adorable transgressions. (It’s gotten so bad around here, that the first thing Cat Daddy asked when I was telling him the tale of Newt’s latest exploits was “Did you get pics of the cheese tracks?” LOL)
I turned my back to toss the sponge into the sink, and as I did so, Newt jumped down from the trash can, landed IN the cheese lid with his same left hind paw, and stomped back across the stove, the other side of the counter, reversed across the stove again, and jumped back up onto the trashcan.
Never ONCE did he even LOOK at the gooey yummy cheesiness sloshing around on his paw, let alone attempt to lick it off!Guess in spite of the fact that cheese is one of his favorite foods, he’s not too fond of it with peppers in it? Or maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for Mexican food, even though he usually is quite the gastronome. He loves his German food, Indian food, American food, Italian food, Chinese Food, Dog food …