Happy Fourth Birthday, Newt!

Ahem. Can hardly believe it’s that time of year again.

On or about this day in history, four years ago, a Star was born.

Happy Birthday Newt!

To have been told that he was “going to die any day; just keep him
comfortable” at a mere 11 weeks old, we never dared to Hope that he
would see his first birthday, let alone his FOURTH!

He is living proof that an excellent quality of
life can often be achieved for these special needs liver shunt kitties, in spite of
seemingly insurmountable odds. Thanks so much to each of you who have
shared your stories of your own shunt kitties – proof that we are not alone in
our devotion to our little Pookie Bear.

With Love and Hope,

a very proud and thankful Newt’s mum

A Drinking Problem

Newt remains stable and adorable. He’s doing great, no episodes, acting normal, and being monitored closely. His latest urinalysis shows minor improvement. Struvite remains unchanged, and pH is till 7.5, also unchanged. Blood in urine has lessened, and appearance is clear, no longer cloudy. So, we are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly.

Vet has ordered Chinese Herbs to try, and we will discontinue the cranberry concentrate at that time. He’s still slurping his sardine soup like a fiend.

Still, our efforts to get Newt to drink more are not exactly what the vet had in mind …