Royal, or Royal Pain?

Do we have any Egyptian Mau experts out there? I want to settle a bet with Cat Daddy.

So many of the people who have seen Newt in person have commented on his exotic appearance, in particular his magnificent spots and ginormous eyes. Occicat, Bengal and Egyptian Mau have been frequently mentioned as possible breed origins. I assumed he was just a spotted tabby Domestic Shorthair, although I secretly hoped he was something extra special (his miracle kitty status notwithstanding). 

Months ago, Pookie developed a poochy. Cat Daddy said Newt was getting fat.  I, on the other hand, said “Nooooooo, it wasn’t fat, because the poochy was more of a pouchy at the back of his belly.  Two sort of empty flap, at the end of his stomach area, in front of his hind legs.  When you hold the area, it isn’t full at all, it’s sort of loose skin that you can shake, at least until he sinks his fangs and claws into you hahahaha.  (This was before he REALLY got fat, by the way.) When he sits, the area sort of pools over his hind legs.

Well, I recently looked up more information on the Egyptian Mau, and apparently they have a loose belly flap (primordial pouch) located in that same area! 

Hmmmmm, chirping, athletic spotted tabbies with pouches.  (Newt is able to leap straight up onto a 5’10’ person’s shoulder, from a standstill – that’s pretty darn athletic, if you ask me!)  Combine his spots with his velcro-like loyalty, athleticism, poochy pouchy, unusual soft, warbling, trilling meow, being blessed by Bast, and I am convinced that our humble little homeless shelter baby Schnookums is descended from Egyptian Royalty!

Cat Daddy, on the other hand, says that Newt is not Royal, he’s just a royal pain in the arse

Hey, Fat Boy!

Newt is getting FAT!

Picking him up these days feels rather like hefting a sleek,  furry cinder block!  He’s HEAVY!  

From the side, he doesn’t look fat, except for the odd little poochy poo he has right in front of his hind legs. (That’s another post I need to make today – do you think he may be part Egyptian Mau?) But, if you look at him from the over the top, he looks as if he swallowed a softball. It’s really hysterical with him trotting alongside, belly swaying to and fro, pling, pling, pling, pling, punctuated with his kittenish miaow, miaow, miaow.

From what we’ve seen, he’s probably one of the larger sized liver shunt cats, weighing in at a hefty, almost ten pounds. 

On one hand, we are thrilled and amazed that our scrawny, runty, scruffy little baby has blossomed and filled out amazingly well.   On the other hand, we sure don’t want to have obesity issues on top of everything else that Newt has to deal with.