On Newt and Nerds

Newt has been having a period of medium days.  Not quite normal, but not quite symptomatic.  He has been tweeting fairly regularly, and he had his first international video chat (the first Transatlantic Cat Liver Shunt Conference!).  Too bad he wasn’t feeling quite up to his normal self.

He refused his chicken breakfast today, after being all cuddly, flirty and normal last night.  Direct dosed 2 ml Lactulose, and he is now in his newest nest, right here under my computer. While he was lounging, I took one of those silly online quizzes.

Alas, Cat Daddy is right. He has always lovingly called me his “Geek Goddess” (silly boy) and now this quiz would seem to agree with his assessment.  Apparently, I am an “Uber Cool Nerd Queen.”  Am not sure if I should be excited or bemused.  I mean, I know I have some pretty geeky tendencies, but had no idea they were that strong LOL.

To maintain my newly acquired status of “Uber Cool Nerd Queen,” I am compelled to point out that a more etymologically correct spelling, sans umlaut u, ist “ueber.” 


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