Just a quick hello. We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving Day in Newtopia.  Hope that if you were celebrating, your day was as peaceful and joyful as was ours.

Not much to report. I took advantage of the perfect weather, and took the tiny spinning wheel outside with The Dog to do a bit of spinning of the never-ending Pink Silk of Doom. Newt enjoyed a variety of snackies and morsels throughout the day.  He particularly enjoyed the grilled roast. (I was a mean mummy and did not share my Klöße with him!)

As with every day, we gave thanks that our darling little Schnookerdoodle was hale and hearty. And since I was a slug and didn’t say it on Thanksgiving Day, please permit me to say it now:

I’m thankful for you – each of our, and Newt’s, friends who has been so kind, so gracious, and, so helpful and encouraging. Our journey with Newt and his liver shunt has been enriched by you.

Thank you.

No News is Good News – Again

Goodness gracious, has it REALLY been that long since my last post? Yikes! I’m so sorry. Haven’t forgotten you, I promise!

Just nothing much to report, really. The new gig is still wearing me thin. (Trying to adjust to being a “normal” grown up is hard work LOL)

Everyone’s favorite Spotted Schookums is once again burrowed onto my chest for mumsnuggles. I wonder if the cooler weather is making him even more affectionate than usual?

No excuses, really, for not writing. I just don’t have anything fun or exciting to say.

Newt’s doing well, and we are preparing for a long, hard winter – if the Almanac and bajillion acorns in the yard are any sort of indicators. Well, that, and the layer of winter fat that Newt and I have accumulated. Ooops!  I think his is attributable to all the extra helpings of soup he’s been getting. Not sure what I can blame mine on. Maybe because I eat his “cat food?” ::snork gasp wheeze::

Sorry, Cat Daddy and I tease each other about eating “cat food” whenever Newt demands (and usually gets) nibbles of whatever meal or snack we are having at the time. It seems that each liver shunt cat’s diet is as unique as they are, but I would confess, Newt’s diet isn’t exactly making his vet very happy – especially not since he gained a pound in less than six months. Eek!

So I guess today’s post can be a Public Service Announcement! Eating “cat food” makes you fat – if your cat’s food happens to include pizza, cookies, macaroni & cheese, mayonnaise-laden sub sandwiches, heavy whipping cream, cheese, spaetzle, lasagna, waffles, pierogies  ….