Happy Birthday, Shunt Cats!

A very happy birthday to Newt’s friends, and fellow shunt cats:

Peanut from New Hampshire – five years old on July 4th!  Peanut is an inoperable MVD shunt kitty.

Kal-El from Scotland turned one year old in March! 

PassePoil from Canada, who will be two years old this month.  PassePoil had his shunt surgically corrected in Jan ’09.

With each birthday is another celebration of life, and hope – hope for all shunt cats that they, too, can thrive and survive.

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday dear Kal-El, Peanut and PassePoil,

Happy BIrthday to you …

and many Meow!!!


Did you ever wonder why vacation is spelled va-cat-ion? Why, because the CAT is supposed to be right in the middle of it!

Did you ever wonder why vacation is spelled va-cat-ion? Why, because the CAT is supposed to be right in the middle of it!


True confessions time.


Newt has turned our entire household upside down during his time with us, and this was made markedly evident by the most recent turn of events.


After I finally finished a hideous months’ long client project, Cat Daddy has been grumbling insistently about my need to Get. Some. Rest!  The first two weeks of my free time consisted of me teaching a week-long class, and then taking another intensive class.


So much for resting


One of the small sacrifices that have been made is that we have not gone away together since Newt first toddled his little furry footies all over our hearts more than a year ago. We have not been able to have a romantic getaway since Newt moved in, because of the extra care he requires. Fellow shunt parents know that it’s not so much extreme care, just rather time consuming to prep his frequent meals, and knowing the signs of when he is about to go symptomatic so we can adjust his meds and monitor him.


Cat Daddy was insistent that I REST – no computer, no clients, no phone – just REST, for at least a couple of days. He had a couple of days off, a place in mind, the sitter lined up, and it was just a question of whether or not he thought I’d *really* be able to truly REST. He was concerned that I would be fretting and worrying about the baby instead of resting (not that HE would ALSO be worrying LOL).


My gallant Cat Daddy’s solution? Let’s bring Newt WITH us! (Oh, how I adore that man!)


We’re regularly traveled with a dog or two, but a cat?!? Who takes a kitty on vacation? Are we crazy?


All together now, a resounding YES! We are crazy! It’s official – I am a crazy cat lady. As if I didn’t already know that from the Great Cucumber Debate, but now I can hardly deny the truth.


And for the record, Newt traveled just fine, and had a wonderful time.


Plans are already underway for our next romantic vacation – cat and all!