Newt Launches his Web Site

After putting it off for far too long, we finally launched Newt’s web site for cat liver shunts.  We had been repeatedly asked to share his “success” story and treatment protocols with others, especially on the yahoo Liver Shunt and MVD Support Group, from other owners of health-impaired cats, and from fellow holistic practitioners, but we had been hesitant.

For one thing, at what point does one consider a situation like Newt’s as a success? When do you stop holding your breath, still expecting him to cross the bridge any day, and dare to whisper that tiny voice of hope that maybe, just maybe, he might be able to beat the odds?

Another hesitation was because so much of his treatment has been not in keeping with traditional veterinary recommendations, we were hesitant to share too much information, as we did not wish to inadvertently cause harm to other shunt kitties.

What has been working for Newt, has been working for NEWT.  Holistic care encompasses a whole-health approach to wellness, specific to that individual, and does not simply address overall symptoms of a specific disease. As an individual, Newt’s case has been rather unique, and as such, so has his maintenance.

After much discussion, we realized that Newt’s story could be one of hope for other cats and kittens whose owners were facing the same lack of information and support that we had originally faced.  By assembling in one central location, the stories and information of the other shunt cat survivors we had located, at a minimum, we could help to save owners a bit of time in searching for other cats afflicted with the condition. 

Plus, with each story we found of a cat surviving, our hopes grew. Imagine having an entire gallery of shunt cats in one place – how much hope THAT, in and of itself, could provide?  And by being able to combine stories, management approaches, resources into one central, online location, then perhaps Newt’s story may be able to help other cats.


How could we not share information globally, as so many others had generously done for us individually?