Prayers for SugarMint

SugarMint’s mum has asked for your healing energies, love, prayers, and whatever
support you’d care to send to Newt’s shunt friend Sugarmint.  She’s had a rough prior 48
hours, and there may have been some seizure
activity involved.
She is snowed in; unable to get out to a vet right now. 

update seems to indicate that Sugarmint may be coming out of an
episode, but is still having impaired vision and wobbledies. She has been relatively stable for quite some time.  This has been her
worst ep since her initial diagnosis. 

Please send your Love, Hope and Healing Energies to Sugarmint and her mum.

Stress and Shunties

Have missed you guys!  Sorry about not posting for a while. Have been pretty vigilant about doing Newt’s daily tweets ; am hoping that habit will soon develop into more frequent blogs from him.

Alas, have been slammed again with deadlines, so no time for fun writing (aka acting as Pookie’s social secretary!). Nothing major going on with your favorite little spotted Schnookums. Relatively stable overall, with a few minor blips on the radar.

Am convinced more than ever that stress exacerbates his condition (as if I didn’t already beleive that stress can affect our companion animals!). His last bad day was, I believe, triggered by me pulling two all-nighters in a row. Silly boy insisted on staying by my side the entire time.  I know how sick *I* felt after that episode of non-existent sleep; it’s not really surprising to me that our fragile flower feline was also affected. Next time, I think he shall be safely confined away from my office – in his room with his favorite downie and his shunty toy, and forced to nap!

No huge stress going on right now, just the usual round of deadline stress and fatigue.  Combine that with the recent spell of Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold weather, and Newt has been acting a bit out of sorts.

No drool, but fur feeling oily, intermittently inappetent and half-crouchy, a bit wobbledy. Was demanding snuggles and Reiki yesterday, and
yet, foraging for snacks!

Am hoping that since I wrapped one of the deadlines this morning, and should finish the other tomorrow, that whatever stress *I* may be experiencing, (thus affecting him), will cease.  Yeah, yeah, students and clients, I hear you, it’s time to start practicing what I preach, and engage in some self-care, no?  But it’s so much easier for me to tell YOU what to do, than it is to do it myself!

I think that I shall take a lesson from Newt, and join him on his “tanning bed,” where he is lounging in the sunbeams … and resting comfortably.