King of Yarnia

Hope everyone is doing well!

Quick update on Newt. Got his latest urine test results today. The good
news is, no sign of crystals! The not-so-good news is, looks like a urinary tract infection (UTI), and he is  on another round of antibiotics. So, while not exactly the all-clear for which we were hoping, it’s still very good progress away from his prior blockage and Struvite crystal problem, and nothing terribly alarming. Otherwise, he’s doing well.

King of YarniaNewt remains unfazed by the UTI diagnosis, and was doing his King of Yarnia
imitation when I got home from getting his meds.

“King of Yarnia” is what we’ve taken to calling it when he rolls, writhes,
preens, flirts and begs for head butts and belly rubs from on top of the
yarn bins, located on top of the bookshelf next to the bed in his
room. I’d *just* been telling his vet about his terro
r-inducing King of Yarnia act. Since I caught him in the act, decided to grab a quick camera pic to send her.

This picture was taken seconds before he:

  • Rolled off the edge of the bin;
  • Slid down the wall;
  • Wiped out the scarf rack on the wall; and then,
  • Landed on the bed.

I think I aged another ten years!

But, I suppose it’s comforting to know that he WILL land on the bed?