Spoilt Kitty?

Subtitled: Why Newt Needs Three Beds

Cat Daddy regularly teases me about pandering to Pookie. One question that always seems to crop up is “Why does Newt have so many beds?”

Your Honour, I present Exhibit A.
As you can see, Newt is using the down comforter in his bed (also known as the Annex Box) as a pillow, while his paws are comfortably propped on the squishy goodness of his “sick bed” (a wonderful pressie from a fellow shunt cat that he only sleeps in when episodic), while nestled snugly in his bed known as Annex Box 3.

Let’s tally up the few beds that he has:

  1. His Box
  2. His Red-feathered Newt Nest
  3. His Tanning Bed
  4. His Annex Box
  5. His Annex Box 2
  6. His Annex Box 3
  7. His Sick Bed
  8. His Summer Bed (he lined it with plastic bags and lounges in it during the summer)
  9. His Pink and Black Pet Nest (that he stole away from the Slasher Queen)

Oh, dear, when examining the evidence, perhaps Cat Daddy has a valid point!!!