Newt’s Newest Careers

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The Great Spotted Schnookums is currently having a fabulous run of good days, after a spate of ups and downs. Not content with being the self-proclaimed, international poster cat for liver shunt awareness, he seems to have decided to branch out in new career directions – most recently that of Moving Man and Legal Eagle.

Yesterday, he closely supervised the installation of a new  door, and helped with moving the old sofa. His assistance included attacking, ripping, flipping, gnawing, chewing, and writhing on it, and then, riding at the helm it as it was moved across the floor – repeatedly, so as to try and obtain video footage of his superior supervisory skills.

Much hilarity ensued. Never before have furniture moving and handyman efforts been so much fun!

This morning, The Dog was unceremoniously thrown in jail (time-out behind closed door) for excessive, very early morning barking. The family sat around, bleary-eyed and yawning, whilst debating The Dog’s fate, (and staying vewwy, vewwy quiet, so as not to share the same consequences!).

Lawyer Newt decided that He Had Had Enough and leaped into action!  He pawed and meeped pathetically at the closed door,  then trilled demandingly at the Magistrate (aka Cat Daddy). His closing arguments included frantic tail lashing, and pacing between the jail cell and the stern Magistrate’s office.

Who could resist such an emotional and demonstrative plea?

Needless to say, Newt successfully bargained for The Dog’s early release.

The Dog was happily (and much more quietly!) reunited with his BFF and lawyer extraordinaire, and the rest of us learned a valuable lesson – we will NOT bark at 5AM, at least not loud enough to annoy The Powers That Be!

Life is good

2 thoughts on “Newt’s Newest Careers”

  1. We boys have to stick together , and protect our brotherin , from the powers that be. One win for you and 0 for the powers that be.
    High five Newt

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