Cheese Toes

No, not the orange covered, poofy, snack food Cheetos, but real CHEESE – in the toes!

Newt really enjoys  variety of cheese as a regular addition to his diet to help with his liver shunt. But during his “very good day” yesterday, he took his cheese to new and unexpected places.

I shouldn’t laugh, BUT!

You know the theory that putting stuff on a cat’s paw will make them lick it off?  Yeah, right. We’re talking about MY weird little Pookie Bear here.
Splashed at the grocery on a jar of cheese dip with peppers in it. Was eating it right out of the jar (classy, huh?).
Annoyed that Mum was having a snack and not sharing, as she is SUPPOSED to do, Sir Chubbs bounced his spotted ass up onto the counter and walked right thru the lid, coated with gooey, creamy, peppery cheese.
Didn’t phase him a bit! He never even blinked, let alone attempt to clean his paw. He was nosing around, hunting for his suitable snack and glaring at me for DARING to eat something he did not want. (Yes, I offered him some, in between fits of giggles.)
Before I could grab him to clean his footy, he stomped across the stove, the other side of the counter, then reversed back across both sides of the counter, the stove and up onto the trash can, almost sliding off in the process, as his left hind paw was thoroughly coated in the aforementioned creamy cheesy goodness.
And let me tell you, his scrawny little lizard toes had GLOBS of cheese stuck between them!
In spite of his marked lack of cooperation, I managed to clean most of the cheese off his foot, and wiped away the cheese tracks marking the scene of the crime. For once, I did not attempt to obtain photographic evidence of his adorable transgressions. (It’s gotten so bad around here, that the first thing Cat Daddy asked when I was telling him the tale of Newt’s latest exploits was “Did you get pics of the cheese tracks?” LOL)
I turned my back to toss the sponge into the sink, and as I did so, Newt jumped down from the trash can, landed IN the cheese lid with his same left hind paw, and stomped back across the stove, the other side of the counter, reversed across the stove again, and jumped back up onto the trashcan.
Never ONCE did he even LOOK at the gooey yummy cheesiness sloshing around on his paw, let alone attempt to lick it off!Guess in spite of the fact that cheese is one of his favorite foods, he’s not too fond of it with peppers in it? Or maybe he just wasn’t in the mood for Mexican food, even though he usually is quite the gastronome. He loves his German food, Indian food, American food, Italian food, Chinese Food, Dog food …


4 thoughts on “Cheese Toes”

  1. Great Post. Kali loves cheese too. If anyone is eating a pizza they have had it. She is keeping well but giving her the meds is still a hard job. Lost lots of clothes to the claw.

    Take care.

    Luv Susan and Kali xxx

  2. Susan,

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Is there any way to mask Kali’s meds in a food that she loves (like the pizza?) Or maybe give her a pizza morsel after her meds, as a reward?

    We do that with Newt’s Neomycin. He doesn’t hate it as much as he used to, since they changed the formula, but it took several tries. He used to be SO good with his Amoxy (would eat it right on his food!) but he had gotten to the point where he would run from us when it was time for his Neo.

    The compounding pharmacist tried the original chicken flavoring, a beef flavoring, a tuna flavoring, (we almost even tried the bubble gum flavor LOL) but then the chicken flavor was re-formulated. He still isn’t fond of it, but at least he doesn’t run away any more.

    Plus, I have his dosing syringe in one hand, and a chunk of chicken in the other, so he immediately has a treat as soon as the dose is complete.

    Another owner has said her cat is being allowed to have the Lactulose in … Whiskas Cat Milk, I think? Does Kali like (and is not reactive to) sardine juice, or tuna juice? Salmon oil? Heavy cream? Again, remember to use a treat that is both “cat-safe” AND Kali-safe). At one time, we hid Newt’s meds in mashed potatoes with pepperjack cheese. He loved them, but seems to be triggered by too many mashed potato snacks.

    Anyway, will review to see what meds Kali is on, and maybe adding it to one of her fave foods might make it not so traumatic for her?

    Glad to hear she is keeping well; give her a snuggle from me!

  3. Hiya newt and mum,

    Thanks for the tips. Kali has the metrodiazole think thats it, in lactulose. She has a sweet tooth so it works after a fashion. We tried the treat first, but she gets so excited, she claws you to get to it and gets really out of hand. She kind of accepts me dosing her, its twice a day, and she still sits on my lap sometimes, so I am forgiven I guess!

    Will try it in cheese though as this may work. She seems such a knowing cat that I think she can work out what is going on. Daisy makes me laugh, as soon as Kali has her meds she looks for her treat too!

    Will pass on the snuggle. Thanks so much for caring


  4. Hmm, I’m confused? Do they compound her Metron IN the Lact? Or do you mix them together at dose, to make it one dose instead of two?

    I often wonder if “sweet tooth” is one of those unrevealed shunt kitty things, or a by-product of the Lact, or what? That stuff is SWEET! It seems like several owners have commented on their kitties liking sweets. Newt in particular enjoys crumbs from molasses cookies – and he LOVES pancakes.

    I’d be really careful about upsetting her glucose levels(and of course, the usual – “ask your vet” disclaimer) but I’m curious if putting it in an 1/8th teaspoon of Karo Syrup or something like that might mask the taste, and entice her?

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