Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

He’s home! Will try to post a more detailed update once I’ve had a chance to absorb it all.

Short version is he’s home and under careful observation. We have pee and seriously hope this trend continues.

Sorry to make this so short, never did get that nap in today – but don’t tell Cat daddy, okay? He worries about me almost as much as he worries about his New New – but that’ll be our little secret   Took almost four hours today to do all his updates and answer his email. I think Newt’s secretary needs a secretary!

Seriously, thanks
bunches for all your singing and well wishes. Newt’s friends and care team are the most
amazing folks we know, and we are so grateful to everyone. 

Sing With Me

Your favorite Spotted Schnookums is back to normal after a really odd night last night. He went on a food strike and wasn’t drinking either – both of which usually happen when he’s in the middle of a medium to strong episode, complete with full drool.

However, aside from a minor bit of drool early in the evening, no other drooling. Several of his other ep signs were presenting, but NO DROOL.  Weird.  And frustrating. Long night spent alternating Lactulose and water via direct dosing. Finally, this morning, after 15 blippy hours, within a half hour time span, he made a 180 and was on the counter gobbling snacks, and drinking deeply. 

Perhaps you heard that deep sigh of relief I uttered?

So, Newt is back to normal, but now his friend Pingu has had a bit of a crisis. You’ve read about Pingu on here before, and so many of you responded that you were joining us in a song heard round the globe. Your singing worked, and Pingu rallied wonderfully and was doing much better!  However, he had another crisis earlier today, and as singing a song of healing seems to have quickly become a tradition for our cat liver shunt support group, am asking you again to Sing for Ping.

With love and Hope, and painfully off-key,

Newt’s Mum (and Scribe)

Sing for Ping!

Newt’s friends around the world continue to sing a song of healing to support our friend, Pingu.

Cats, dogs, mums, dads – so many people are pulling together in song, showing love and Hope for Pingu, the senior shunt cat who has been providing Hope for so many young shunt cats. 

I humbly ask Newt’s friends, loved ones, and family to continue to raise your voices in a song so loud that Pingu’s family can hear it, all the way over in jolly olde England. Loudly, softly, perfect pitch, or off-key – with prayers, healing vibes, or simple good wishes, let us raise our voices in a glorious chorus of Hope.