How Newt Got HIs Name

Well, the little bugger survived the night, wonder of wonders.

We had implemented supplemental bottle feeding every four hours, and he ate ferociously. His drawn little tummy was full and round, his eyes were bright, and he was teetering around on tiny little feet. We needed to name him, and add him to the log.

Being the ueber geek, I named him Newton, considering his harrowing experience with gravity.

This was promptly, and more fittingly, shortened simply to “Newt.”

Newt was quite content with his surrogate mother, and was doing well with the comfort nursing she provided, along with the bottle feedings every four hours.  Being the overnight and weekend feeder, I decided it would be easier to take the pair of them home with me, instead of coming back to the shelter every four hours over the long weekend.

And so began his process of worming his way into our hearts and our home.

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