Relax. Yeah, Right!

Wrapped the last project for Major Corporation, yay!  Have a couple of days to “relax” before the next one hits.  This one is scheduled to run for two months, so, trying to hurry and catch up before heading back into the fray.

Top of the list, Schnookie Snurfing, of course.  I miss having that spotted belly to snurf at will, and those darling pink footie paws waving at me from wherever Newt happens to be lounging. Have some other accounts that I want to try and wrap up as well, plus am still desperately searching for the shaman’s drumming CD that I wanted to share with a friend.  I KNOW it’s got to be here .. somewhere.  Am embarrassed that it’s taken so long. And I can’t even use clutter as an excuse, everything is pretty well organized and in its place. It’s probably hiding in plain sight, as the router software CD was, when I had to do an emergency network repair.

Note to self, never again should I be allowed to repair the network, or do any other computer repairs, until at least four days after completing a major project.  My aging brain does not recover as quickly from the long days as it used to, and is prone to making strange errors.  Cat Daddy said toward the end of this last effort, I was speaking German to him!  Uhm … das ist nicht sehr gut, ja? 

Needless to say, tearing the entire software library apart, ripping out all the computer cables, running back and forth between systems, all the while muttering obscenities (in English, German, French, Spanish and Klingon) on the first day after wrapping the deadline was rather amusing.

For Cat Daddy and The Dog.

I, on the other hand, was far less amused – particularly when I looked yet AGAIN where the router software was SUPPOSED to BE, and discovered, much to my bemusement, there it was … right where it belonged, hiding in plain sight.


Not a great start for “relaxing.”  Toss in the fact that Newt is having an odd spell the last couple of days, and I’m not doing much resting right now. 

Newt’s drooling.  After the last few days of him behaving oddly, he began slightly drooling this morning. He also refused his breakfast of chicken and cheese.  He’s been mildly off his feed for the last couple of days. Eating some, but pickier than his norm, and not clearing his plate. So, we resorted to the old standby of chicken morsels, and added a pinch of shredded cheddar.  Worked last night, but not this morning.

He’s been looking tired, and he’s been half-crouchy, and not lounging in his normal spots. This time around, he seems to prefer the floor, under the bed, or the annex box, where has gathered together some plastic bags for a nest. I haven’t the heart to take the bags away from him, as he seems so comfy there. In other words, he’s not seeking warm spots as in a usual episode.  Now it seems like he’s wanting cooler places to hang out.

Another shunt cat seems to get episodic during the heat.  Cat Daddy agrees that possibly it may be affecting Pookie as well, as we’ve had three days in a row of 100+ degrees.  The air conditioner has run non-stop (poor Dog, with his thick, hairy fur coat) to help keep the house cool.  Aside from giving Newt an ice pack for a nest, I’m at a loss as to what else to do for him.

Anyone else’s shunt kitties seem to go episodic during the heat? If yes, what do you do to help them? We’ve already been direct dosing the meds, offering enticing morsels for him, and keeping things quiet so he can relax.

Me, on the other hand? That’s another story!

One thought on “Relax. Yeah, Right!”

  1. Don’t kill yourself looking for the CD.

    Would something like a cool-downz work for Newt? Tiffy would probably shred one, but perhaps Newt is more gentle with his toys? No AC here, so I get a lot of use out of my cool-downz. I have a spare if you want to try it for Newt.

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