Baaaaaaaaaad Idea

I reaaaaaaaaaaaally need to get back on a project ASAP.  Have had entirely too much time to think.  Thinking usually leads to grandiose ideas, which tend to get me in trouble.

Somebody PLEASE convince me that I do NOT want a spinning wheel? And of course, the attendant sheep, bunnies, and various assorted furry creatures to go with it?  Pretty please?

Cat Daddy has decreed that this is a “baaaaaaaaaad idea” ::snork gasp wheeze OMG that man is so funny.

In drooling over fat, funky yarns and fainting at the prices of them, I had the brilliant idea that perhaps I should just spin my own. And he agreed!  Oh boy.  I’m in trouble now.

Makes sense though, as my stash is becoming depleted at a rapid rate, and one would hope that the act of spinning would be relaxing and calming, right? The poor man is forever after me to relax, spoil myself with a creative bender, and have FUN.  Spinning sounds like a good match to me!

But before I go all crazy and buy a bunch of tools and gadets about which I have no idea, perhaps I should start small – like maybe a drop spindle?  Not to mention, I can put rabbit ears on Newt – we call him the kitty bunny anyway, and with the Collie, I have enough “wool” output for a small sheep farm!

One thought on “Baaaaaaaaaad Idea”

  1. If you put drop spindle on your RTH RAK wish list it will happen. 🙂

    I’m off to see if it’s already there, and I missed it.

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