Jinxed It

Well, rats.

Newt has begun drooling again.  Cat Daddy saw drool forming at 1230PM.  Newt did not eat his normal lunch snack, but did nosh on a bit of chicken.

Direct dosed Lactulose, and back on the merry-go-round again.

Got the next round of go aheads from major corporation to begin work on a backup project – but not til next week.  I love major corporation work when I can get it, but the red tape wait is agonizing.  Hopefully it will be fairly steady part-time for at least a couple of months. Still waiting for the main project to kick in; that should be a nice check (I hope).  Would be nice to buy some fat yarn to use with more of my stash and make more of the nests.  They seem to be a hit, and I am having a blast making them. Nice stash buster, easy to see without having to take of my glasses, and minimal pain and after effects.

Still doing paperwork, and debating about which bit of crochet to do now, if any.  Want to finish the current nest / beds to donate, but out of main yarn those in progress.  Want to finish the little kitty, but the smalls are wrecking my wrists. Want to find cheapo, bigass, obese yarns beyond a 6.  (I’m talking 12s, baby!). Want to get regular income again.  Want to take a nap. Want to go sit in the sun. Want want want want ….

Most of all, I want my Pookie Bear to be better.

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